Francisco Rubio

I'm a self-taught software engineer and computer science student based in Los Angeles who enjoys building websites, writing software, and everything in between.

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I'm interested in adopting a security first approach to software development.

My Work

Twitter API Search

Twitter API web app that uses the twitter api to retrieve all specific user tweets that match the term inputted by the user.

Tribute Page

Tribute Page honoring the great Katherine Johnson, a NASA mathematician that broke gender and racial barriers.

VanLife Website

HTML & CSS informational website about Vanlife with a landing, Gallery, and Information page

Product Listing

Buy your favorite politian today! A satirical website providing a simple representation of our political system. HTML/CSS/JS

Censorship Engine

Flask web app that takes text input and returns a profanity censored version of the inputted text.


Vue JS powered reminders web app that leverages localstorage to deliver lightweight performance. HTML/CSS/JS/VueJS

Food Order

Vue JS and Tailwinds CSS powered Mexican food ordering web app. Little to no custom CSS was used in this project!


I'm a self-taught software engineer who is currently working towards a B.S. in Computer Science. In my free time, I enjoy designing and working on side projects. Some technologies I enjoy are Javascript, Python, and Flask. I am currently learning React JS as my second, and primary, javaScript front-end framework, my first being Vue JS. I am also a graduate of UCLA (Go Bruins!)

Great at:

  • Vanilla Frontend Languages (HTML,CSS,JS)
  • Leveraging Cloud Technologies (AWS)
  • Story Telling

Working on:

  • Frontend Frameworks (React & Vue)
  • Backend Technologies (Flask & Node)
  • All things automation!